Usability Basic Check — Identifying requirements for the usability of products

From the poster exhibition by Christina Koehler

A product has come to market. Many barriers have been overcome - the technology works properly, all statutory requirements are met, the design is appealing, etc..

And yet, something is wrong. In customer service and sales often appear the same questions. Anecdotes circulating that demonstrate that the product is often not used as it has been planned. The intended users do not feel addressed in the expected way.

A usability basic check could help and point out possible inconsistencies at the man-machine interface. What such a check includes and what methods are used is content of the following article.


Produkte mit hoher Usabilty
Figure 1: Products with high usability (Click to enlarge)

Basis Check

Produkte mit hoher Usabilty
Figure 2: Basic Check (Click to enlarge)

Topic of the basic check is not "examine all possible criteria," but with the look from the "outside“ to bring out certain usability issues of the product.


Figure 3: Prüfung (Click to enlarge)