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Members of ECN e.V. outlining their fields of activity

Institut für angewandte Arbeitswissenschaft e.V. (ifaa)


We combine science and practice in the disciplines of human engineering and production management as an established research institution. The focus of our work is on increasing productivity in companies. We help companies,

Our experts from different scientific disciplines develop labor-scientific concepts to create practical guides and manuals that help the company to cope with current and future challenges. We develop, for example, intelligent shift and working time models, concepts for ergonomic workplace design and deal with issues of compensation and the design of production systems.

Professur Arbeitswissenschaft der TU Dresden


We work in four areas

Apart from fundamental research, we are also focusing to questions of applied ergonomics. By our laboratory equipment and the involvement of students, we can carry out extensive studies.

Fachgebiet Arbeitswissenschaft/Ergonomie der Universität Siegen


The Department of Ergonomics at University of Siegen aims to develop technical, organizational, economic, environmental and social conditions of work processes, products and consumer goods through analysis, evaluation and design by taking into account the legal framework proposals for a people-friendly (ergonomic) design.

A holistic, sustainable work system design with consideration of the physical work environment is in focus. In detail is the product quality and safety at the highest possible user quality in our spotlight.

CORWAY PLM Solutions GmbH


As a service provider and consulting company in the digital product development, we have specialized in the simulation and visualization of products, processes and workflows. In our Virtual Reality Center digital prototypes can be stereoscopically projected 1:1 and used interactively. The use of digital human models enables to simulate and evaluate products and processes with respect to their ergonomic design.

The advantage of this early, reliable and robust studies with Virtual Reality accelerates the development of new products and thereby reduced to a large extent risks and costs.

German Institute for Ergonomics and Usability


The Institute provides training and consultancy services in the field of ergonomics and usability. Design proposals in product design focusing specific user groups, Usabiliy studies, workstation design and strain measurements are in the portfolio of the institute.



Services: usability studies, job analyzes, analyzes and reductions of vibration and oscillation studies in the field of pollution control noise and building acoustics, Products: Cold provocation test system (KPT), Pallästhesiometrie, Exposure time Gauge (Tool-timer).


Egenhausen im Nordschwarzwald

The journal ERGONOMICS MARKET reaches the OSH professionals trade and the cleaning stores. It reports on news and policy issues - especially from the market segments "Personal protective equipment", "Industrial safety" and products of the workplace to the needs of people preventing accidents and long-term illnesses. The target group is the dealer in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Especially the big trade groups such as the EDE (Wuppertal), Northwest (Hagen), EIS (Cologne), ASSI TECLOG (Berlin), the independent Occupational Safety dealers and cleaning retailer are the target audience. The ERGONOMICS MARKET further accomplishes selected top decision-makers from industry, business and administration.

Agentur Graupner


The Agency Graupner is for one hand a wholesale and retail for high-quality, innovative medical devices and telemedicine systems, on the other hand it offers in its vital test center a variety of applications of this technique.

IGi Ingenieurbüro Gillmeister


The engineering office Gillmeister offers services in the field of metrology, noise and vibration analysis, equipment testing, workplace measurements of the hand-arm and whole-body vibration and the special machine-building with its own production.

lean concept


We advise companies on their way to their new product /process, also internationally. Ergonomics, Humanfactors and target markets are scientifically tested by us with a variety of methods and analyzes.

Dipl.-Ing. Mutschler


Hartmut Mutschler has been working for over 30 years with ergonomic issues in the field of automotive, process control and medical technology. Since the time as a researcher at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, he heads the consulting office for ergonomic issues.

Dr.-Ing. Stephan Riedel (European Ergonomist)


Stephan Riedel is now active in the ergonomics for over 20 years. After 10 years of independence, he now works as a usability Leader at Sanofi-Aventis Germany GmbH in Frankfurt in the field of medical technology.

M. Sc. Aydin Ünlü (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter)


Aydin Ünlü developed at the University of Wuppertal, at the Department of Engineering a digital hand model for the ergonomic handle design of work equipment. In the future, companies should be able, to examine with a mouse click, how well lie pliers or a hammer in the hand.

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